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This week we will carry on our thoughts on the use of tamper evident seals and specifically; tamper evident container bolt seals.

Many organisations do not understand the importance of choosing the right seal to place on the back of their fleet of trailers. They believe we can just place any seal and it’ll do the job, however it’s not really job done if the job isn’t done right. This is why many organisations need to understand the importance of placing the right seal on their trailers and containers. Many buy seals based on which seal just about does the job and doesn’t really pay attention to the importance of using a tamper evident seal. This week we will carry on our thoughts on the use of tamper evident seals and specifically; tamper evident bolt seals.

Many organisations use normal bolt seals where once it’s placed it may get damaged either by the toll of rough transport or by force. There have been many cases where immigrants, thieves, and disgruntled employees have either broken the seal or even attempted to break the seal. This is the reason why organisations should use a tamper evident seal to ensure they find out if anyone has been trying to break into their trailers or containers. This could aid businesses in preventing theft of their cargo. This is because if they know that their trailers and containers are being targeted; they are able to better prepare their ways in which they protect their trailers and containers. If they don’t find out attempts will continue to either break in without the organisation even knowing. This could lead to more attempts being a success for the thieves enabling them to have access to all the expensive cargo you’re transporting.

An example of a tamper evident bolt seal is the 2K Klicker this provides strength as well as the most amount of evidence if someone has tried to tamper with the seal. The 2K Klicker consists of a hardened steel pin and bush moulded with resilient high-impact ABS. the 2K Klicker also provides an immense tensile strength and anti-spin locking mechanisms, the 2K Klicker is a fortified container bolt seal widely used in shipping, securing intermodal containers and ground transportation. It is the first container bolt seal in the world to feature a unique two colours in its design.

This bolt is so advanced that unlike other bolt seals it has an anti-spin system which once locked doesn’t allow the bolt to spin and if someone tries to spin the lock it will deliberately crack the outer shell of the bolt to indicate tampering to the seal. The 2K Klicker is a C-TPAT and ISO 17712 “H” compliant.

In essence what we are trying to say is, Cheap low quality seals is NOT the answer to your Logistics Security. Ensure your protected from all kinds of thefts by using a High Quality Seals.

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