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Carrying on from our thoughts in last week’s blog “When is a Security Seal NOT a Security Seal”; in this week’s blog we discuss the second factor of Trailer and Container breach. Many organisations use security seals which just does the job. However nowadays thieves have become smarter than the organisations think.

Many organisations still believe it is like the simple old days; when the businesses can outsmart the thieves and make a few changes and “wallah” all done. However this is not the case anymore, with thieves becoming more intelligent. This is the reason we urge organisations to use tamper evident seals. Businesses believe in purchasing seals that do the job with the minimal costs allowing the organisation to cut operational costs without losing their valuables. However businesses still lose some of their valuables through none other than employees who know how to get around the security barriers the organisation places in order to protect their valuables.

This is where we believe the use of Tamper Evident seals comes into great effect. Mega Fortris believe that we are providing the best security solutions for businesses without overselling their needs. Many companies try to get businesses to buy security equipment which they don’t really need. However Mega Fortris believe in helping the business in securing their cargo with the right amount of security barriers they need.

So getting back to the Tamper Evident Seals; they are very useful for keeping track of all your cargo. Mega Fortris provide Tamper Evident Seals with a special feature which shows evidence of tampering on the seals if anyone has tried to tamper with the seals or has tried to tamper the seal in anyway. These are really useful features; as it allows the business to know that someone has tried to tamper with the seal and if it occurs again and again it will also allow them to question the logistics system and try to find out if this is being done through someone within the organisation.

This comes to the point where the organisation tries to protect their goods from disgruntled employees within the organisation whom are hard to find. This is where we provide another ‘tamper evident feature of Barcodes and sequential serial numbers on the seals. Allowing the business to keep a log of which seal number was placed on which container.

In essence a tamper evident seal allows the business to know if the seal has been tampered with. Also if these events occur frequently it allows them to question their logistics system. To add to this the barcode and seal number provide extra safety and security from people whom may have access to the seals the business use. So the Question we now pose is why use a normal seal when a Tamper Evident seal provides the answer to many underlying issues within the organisation.

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