Secure your vehicle crossing the Border!!

Mega Fortris UK has learnt of new UK Laws for securing vehicles crossing the UK Border Controls.

In February 2014 the UK Home Office published a guide for Businesses Transporting goods by road. The guide was made to assist road transport companies tackle immigration issues to prevent people from entering the UK illegally. It is imperative that road transport companies and their drivers take immigration laws seriously and must conduct mitigating actions to secure vehicles that come into the UK to stop ‘clandestine entrants’.

A clandestine entrant is a person who hides in or on a vehicle to avoid going through UK border control. Failure to secure road vehicles, and if found to be carrying clandestine entrants into the UK will result in a civil penalty or more commonly known as a fine of up to £2000 for each illegal entrant carried. This can be issued to the vehicles driver, owner or vehicle hirer and the law applies to all UK arrivals, including from European sea ports and also the Eurotunnel Shuttle.

Mega Fortris UK acknowledges the importance of the new laws that recommend an effective system is needs to be implemented to secure your vehicles to prevent you or the driver from being fined.

To help you understand the requirements for UK Government we have provided details on what an effective security system includes for a company:

  •     High Strength Security devices to secure the vehicle, load and load space effectively. This can be in the form of a High Security Cable Seal, Bar Seal or Bolt Seal to secure the vehicle. And Dunnage Bags, Strapping or Container Lashing to secure the load and the load space.
  •     The company should provide good training for the drivers on how to use the security devices and the security system procedures in the events of tampering and vehicle breaches.
  •     Provide the driver with a vehicle security checklist which contains checkpoints for the Vehicle/Trailer Inside, check external compartments of vehicle, the under-carriage of the vehicle and many others.
  •     The company should conduct regular checks that drivers are following the above instructions which could entail regular training.

If you require further information about Security Devices for vehicles or Load Securing Equipment please call Mega Fortris UK on 01543 677256/7 now or visit: Mega Fortris

Guidelines for the Driver

For the driver of a company the following should be considered important to ensure the driver does not receive a penalty:

  • Security seals – The driver should verify whether the vehicle has been secured with a security seal such as a metal cable seal, a bolt sealor a bar seal.
  • Check the security seal for tampering after each stop and before entering the UK. It is also important for the driver to the vehicle thoroughly.
  • Ensure the driver completes a vehicle security checklist which is available here:

Mega Fortris UK are transport security specialists who manufacture Customs approved High Security Seals that have also been certified to ISO 17712 Security seal standards. Our Bolt Seals, Cable Seals and Bar Seals have been designed to prevent unauthorised access to vehicles and containers.

Our latest bolt seal, 2K Klicker comes with Tamper Evidence technology to help the driver determine if the bolt seal has been tampered with.

We can provide you with on-site training and will assist you with your transport security requirements to ensure you are protected by UK Border Control Laws.

Mega Fortris UK – Securing the supply chain with innovation and Design.

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