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With the Brexit date just around the corner, the Transport Industry has raised concerns to the Government stating their lost confidence in a well-managed Brexit has collapsed. They have gone further and warned the government officials that it was “too late” to avoid serious disruption when the UK leaves the EU. With ports unsure of
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Drivers and organisations operating on European roads have been the victims of organised criminal attacks and security incidents. Cargo theft, cargo damage, lost shipments and migrant break-ins are just a few of the risks faced by lorry drivers every day.  Cargo theft alone amounts to a multi-billion-euro annual loss to the transport sector. Drivers in
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High Security Seals and ISO 17712 Explained There is a growing number of businesses offering security seal services around the world. These businesses offer a wide range of security seals, security bags, security labels and security tapes. Each of these of ranges is segmented in to sub-categories. For security seals this means sub-categories for ‘High
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Secure your Freight To and From the UK There have been more than 8000 recorded attempted trailer and container breaches by migrants that are bound for the UK from Calais. Every migrant found on a transport company vehicle receives heavy fines per migrant found. In the last 12 months fines issued have increased by 50%
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hr#vc_separator_1 { border-color: #888; margin-top: 30px; margin-bottom: 30px; border-style: solid; border-width: 1px; border-bottom-width:0px; } High Security Seals Cable Seals Electronic Seal Plastic Security Seals Security Bags Secure your vehicle crossing the Border!! Mega Fortris UK has learnt of new UK Laws for securing vehicles crossing the UK Border Controls. In February 2014 the UK Home
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