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It has become evermore essential to ensure the safety and security of the supply chain within the Pharmaceuticals Industry. To keep up with the changing times, and to ensure we create products which deter new threats, Mega Fortris are always creating new and improved products. Mega Fortris Group manufacture a wide range of security seals
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Department for Transport (DfT) oversees the European regulations to standardise and improve aviation security known as the “Consignor Scheme” for all forms of Air Cargo. This is where authorised operators are able to apply for their own in-house measures for the security preparation of cargo for air freight. This will allow accelerated cargo movements who
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With the Brexit date just around the corner, the Transport Industry has raised concerns to the Government stating their lost confidence in a well-managed Brexit has collapsed. They have gone further and warned the government officials that it was “too late” to avoid serious disruption when the UK leaves the EU. With ports unsure of
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UK Prime Minister has announced a general election in June 2017. While the public decide on who they will be electing to lead the country, Mega Fortris are all working to make sure we are all ready for the big voting which will take place in June. Mega Fortris work with many governmental organisations to
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Secure the EU Referendum with Various Security Solutions Ensure to secure the ballot boxes while at polling stations and during transportation! Learn from the mistakes of the Australian Electoral Commission! UK Prime Minister David Cameron has announced a referendum on whether Britain should remain in the European Union will be held on Thursday 23rd June.
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Seals for Airports & Airlines Security for the aviation industry is one of Mega Fortris' prime concerns. We feel that Airline Security is not taken seriously enough and more effort needs to be done to tackle this serious industry. To assist with current issues surrounding, terrorism, contamination, theft and damages Mega Fortris has developed a
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