Laser Markings and Purchasing

What can I have printed on the seals?
  • Logo
  • Company name
  • Consecutive serial numbering
  • Barcoding
Bolt Seals
  • Free of Charge Laser Printed Company Name, Logos & sequential numbering. Bar-coding additional charge.
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 250 bolt seals.
Cable Seals
  • Get Company Name or Logo & Serial Numbering Printed free of charge, Bar-coding additional charge.
  • Minimum Order Quantity Varies on Cable Seal Size.silhouette-woman
Plastic Seals
  • Get Company Name or Logo & Serial Numbering Printed free of charge, Bar-coding additional charge.
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 seals
What is your normal delivery time?
Many of our items are available from stock. Stock items can be dispatched for next day delivery if ordered by For personalised security seals, the lead time will depend on quantity, colour and the type of personalisation required.

The Mega Hasp Padlock is a slim and user-friendly padlock with innovative tamper-evident features that is suitable for a range of different applications, such as securing utility meters, aircraft liquor carts, drums, switches, and valves.

Versatile, strong and durable, the Mega Hasp Padlock offers high tamper evidence with the clear view of its secured locking mechanism and is also easy to apply and remove. Markings are etched directly onto the polycarbonate, resulting in highly effective barcode readings for operation efficiency.

Mega Hasp Padlock Features

  • The Mega Hasp Padlock seal is etched with permanent laser marking for customized names, logos, barcodes
    and sequential numbers, offering the highest level of security as it cannot be removed or replaced without showing clear signs of tampering.
  • Vibrant colours are available for the acetyl insert that is encased within a sturdy polycarbonate body, which allows for good, consistent readings when barcoded.
  • The stainless steel spring is scored at its breaking point for easy, tamper-evident removal.
  • The clear polycarbonate body enables complete visibility of the locking mechanism at all times, contributing to
    the high tamper-evidence of the Mega Hasp Padlock.
  • The design of the acetal insert that fits within the polycarbonate body features small one-way locking hooks that give a secondary layer of protection once the seal has already been assembled.

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