How could an RFID Seal save Millions of Pounds?

Are you a fan of Football? Or Soccer as the audience in the Wild West likes to call it! Well Football or Soccer whatever floats your boat. Either way the story we have recently heard in the news will make you a little sad.

However if I had to pick up this staggering bill I would be crying right now. Now to the story; recently you will have heard that the Premier League ended with Manchester United and Bournemouth Match being cancelled due to a suspicious package being found in one of the toilets.

At this point the Security do the right thing and start evacuate one of the biggest football stadiums to ensure the safety and security of the football players and the tens of thousands of fans. This in itself is not an easy job to carryout for the police without risk yet this was handled very well by the Police and security members.

Though this incident was handled well and the fans were happy to return to the match, which had to be rescheduled for the following Tuesday; it did leave a crack in the reputation of Manchester United Club and a big dent in the bank account of approximately £3 Million.

Yet what if we said, technology created a decade ago could have saved the club £3 Million. The solution is simple; the use of RFID Tags in the bags they use for testing enables the user to never forget their bags.

How can the RFID be implemented?

Well in this case the Active RFID seal would be placed within the fake bomb bags which then can be placed around the stadium or a location of your choice for the dogs to find. If the bags are found all is well and good. However if the bags aren’t found, in the hustle and bustle of getting these training days to run smoothly, and ensuring the safety of all the personnel involved or all the paperwork being carried out, it can be easy to forget a bag at the location.

In this case you would have a reader which would keep a track of all the RFID Tags attached to the bomb bags and allow the management to view the pin point location of the bag. If the bag was left behind the management would get an alert on their reader to notify them of the missing bag.

The RFID Cable Tag operates effectively with A very good read range. Tags can be attached by cable tie with the help of slots provided. It comes with a Flexible Read/Write Range (reader dependant). The RFID Cable Tag is ATEX approved for operation in potentially explosive atmosphere.

The RFID Cable Tag can be used in Cable/Hose tracking applications, Asset Management & Stock Controls, Maintenance Alerting and Security.

Features of RDIF Seals:

  • The Cable RFID Tag is ATEX certified and approved and thus can be used in a potentially explosive atmosphere.
  • Operates effectively with a very good read range.
  • Can be attached by cable tie with the help of slots provided.
  • Flexible read/write Range (reader dependent).
  • Laser-etched logo and security numbers for maximum level of marking security.
  • Data retention of 10 years.

In essence we can save ourselves from the issues we may face or the financial costs we may have to incur.

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