Mega Fortris UK Ltd: E-Tender Statement


Mega Fortris is a leading manufacturer and specialist designer of security seals, tamper-evident products and integrated security solutions. We design, innovate, manufacture and supply high quality, tamper-evident security seals and solutions to customers internationally.

Our commitment to innovation has assisted many industries transport security issues and has helped to prevent losses on a worldwide scale.

At Mega Fortris we take pride in our high quality security products. We ensure that every security seal which goes out of our manufacturing plant is of the highest quality and is highly tamper-evident. We use the best quality raw materials to build our products, to ensure the products we supply are of best quality. All of our products go through a rigorous quality check to make sure they are of the highest standard possible.

However many organisations have chosen a different path than us and have chosen to manufacture seals with cheaper quality plastic and low quality locking mechanisms. This has resulted in many buyers believing that these cheap and low quality seals will provide the same security as our high quality seals provide.

As a result many buyers are purchasing these low quality seals with many not taking into account the losses they will suffer due to the ill informed decision of going with a cheap, poorly manufactured seal which is simply being manipulated in to showing no signs of tampering.

In order to ensure we stand by our aims and value; to become the leading manufacturer and supplier of “HIGH QUALITY” Security Seals and integrated Security Solutions; Mega Fortris UK will not be participating in any E-tenders which are purely a process in which the products value is driven down.

We do not participate in price wars as we are very proud of the quality of our seals and do not wish to lower the quality of our seals in order to engage tenders which are not security driven.

All customers are welcome to get a quote directly from our sales team.

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