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Mega Fortris Security Seals UK is a leading manufacturer and specialist designer of security seals, tamper-evident products and integrated security solutions. Mega Fortris have been working with organisations within various industries to understand the issues they may be facing in Cargo Transportation. May it be through Road, Sea or Air we have worked closely to understand their issues and hand pick the most important issues they face and find a common ground to where all organisations can agree on the most common issues.

After speaking with leaders within supply chain logistics we found that security seals were working to a certain extent. However to ensure better process a technology based asset protection would be needed.

After years spent in Research and Development to create a solution which is able to eliminate the issues companies are facing within Cargo Transportation. Mega Fortris got a break through with the latest Technology Based solution. Mega Fortris would now like to Introduce to the world the Asset Protection Solution (APS) App.

Asset Protection Solution App is the World’s first Security Seal Application for IOS and Android Mobile Devices. The Asset Protection Solution App is a cost–effective and user-friendly Smartphone based software solution that offers a chain of custody tracking through the automatic scanning and recording of barcodes on security seals.

The App Works in Four Simple Steps:

  • Login to MEGA–APP and enable the barcode scanner by pressing the ‘Scan barcode’ icon. Hold your Smartphone / device in front of the barcode on the security seal and the automatic scanner will do the rest. If a seal or item cannot be scanned due to no barcode, the contractor can simply photograph the seal and manually load the details.
  • If you’re happy with the barcode scan, you can either send it immediately by hitting submit, or add comments in the remarks field eg. ready for export and then hit submit. If you’re not happy with the scan / image simply hit the ‘retake’ button and start over. The user interface is very clean and is not cluttered with any unnecessary functionality, making it full proof for field staff.
  • (a) Upon hitting submit, the MEGA–APP will upload the barcode details and send them to your support office (b) You will get an alert on your device that your upload has been successful. (c) Hit OK and you will see the upload details
  • You can view your scan history by clicking on the retrieve scans button. You can delete a scan by checking the square at the bottom right corner of each can and then selecting delete at the top of the screen. Scan data shown on the History page cannot be removed and adjusted after being submitted to ensure robust sensitivity of information.

Some of the benefits the Asset Protection Solution App could bring to your organisation:

Eliminates Paperwork – If you’ve worked in the Logistics department before then you will be familiar with the amount of paperwork. The Asset Protection Solution App eliminates most of the paperwork required as it stores most of the information required for the dispatch on the application itself and on the Administrator’s Profile.

Monitoring Replacement Seals – We currently have an Asset Protection Solution App client who sends onetime use plastic bags (with a barcode printed on) to their ports. Inside each plastic bag are electronic items that require processing plus a return plastic bag. In this situation, the Head Office scans the first bag going out, and then the bag gets scanned again when it arrives at the port. The electronic items are processed then repacked in the 2nd bag, scanned out and then couriered back to the head office where the 2nd bag is scanned again indicating it has arrived home. When they scan the 2nd bag, however, they also type in the “Replaced Seal Number” the 1st bags’ field number. This means that on the client web page, the drop box of the scanned activity will show both bags’ movements.

No Cell Coverage – The Application stores all the Scans allowing the scans to be synced with the Admin Panel later on. For example if a Scan has been carried out however it cannot be synced to the Admin Profile due to No Cell Coverage it allows you to Store the Scan. Then it will automatically Sync to the Admin Panel as soon as it gains Cell Coverage.

Each Application can be altered to meet the specific need of every organisation to allow a more personal system.

Find out more about the App here: APSS App

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