Seals for Airports & Airlines

Security for the aviation industry is one of Mega Fortris’ prime concerns. We feel that Airline Security is not taken seriously enough and more effort needs to be done to tackle this serious industry. To assist with current issues surrounding, terrorism, contamination, theft and damages Mega Fortris has developed a range of products for aviation in-flight security.

Mega Fortris takes pride and responsibility for securing the airlines and airports industry. Whether it is Duty Free Security bags for securing liquid, chemical consumables. Or applying tamper evident security labels to the doors in restricted areas of airports, such as baggage loading areas and cargo loading. Security Labels can even be used on the internal and external components of an aircraft. We guarantee that our products are manufactured to such a high standard and any intrusion or unauthorised access is detected by Mega Fortris Security Products.

Mega Fortris is an approved manufacturer and supplier of security bags for duty free goods. Our Duty Free Tamper Evident bags conform to International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) regulations to enhance airport and duty-free supply chain security.

Fort Hasp Airline Padlocks and our mini cable seals for catering trolleys and duty free carts, have been designed to be fully tamper evident supplied to you with an ISO17712 Clause 6 certification. Meaning that any tampering is made clear due to the technology implemented. While there are cheaper alternatives being used in the market, these do not show any tamper evidence at all and once opened can be resealed without any indication of tampering.

Security Labels from Mega Fortris made with a non-residue material to seal aircraft doors, fire doors and other types of doors that require restricted access. Our security labels add an extra level of security to your solution providing clear visual indication of tampering.

Non Residue security labels can be used on metal, plastic, cardboard, glass, wood and painted metal. They are used by police, prisons, military authorities, commercial airlines and airports, and commercial organisations involved in law enforcement. Security Labels ensure that restricted areas remain secure with low cost intrusion detection.

Mega Fortris has spoken to many experts in the airlines industry about security, and all address the same issues. Most of tampering occurs, after the plane has landed at the airport during the internal cleaning processes. Opportunities are provided if the catering trolley containing high value duty free goods is not secured. Other opportunities are presented when the plane is being emptied, when the catering trolley’s are transferred from the plane to the warehouse ready for inspections to be carried out on the trolley’s.
Future issues of in-flight security – Cheap security seals are no longer the answer for the airline industries. Especially when food is involved. Security Seal awareness needs to be raised and the airline industries should be made that quality security seals should be used. Some of the risks with using cheap security seals can include:- contamination of food and risk to human life.

Recent events in the media surrounding airlines clearly suggests that the airline companies need to take more responsibility where the protection of passengers is concerned. That’s why Mega Fortris has pushed our security seals to Customs agencies around the world to be tested and accepted as High Security Tamper Evident Seals.

Those responsible for human safety trust in Mega Fortris as we have the largest range of certified tamper evident security seals and have serviced the airlines industry for well over twenty years.

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