Calais Crisis Issues and Solutions

Many organisations have recently been facing major issues with the issues of securing their cargo and their trailers may this by nationally or internationally. However most of their issues seem to be surrounded by breach of their trailers. Within this blog Mega Fortris is going to inform you of some statistics surrounding the whole phenomenon of Transport and Logistics with the help from TAPA EMEA.


International Issues

Firstly we will start with some of the issues organisations have been facing, one of the most common and the most popular is the international issues of migrants sneaking into the back of trailers and hiding into containers which are bound for the UK from Calais. With more than 8000 recorded attempts by migrants to cross the channel via trailers and containers many organisations have had to face hefty fines for every migrant they find on their trailers. These are only the recorded figures there have been far more attempts which have gone unrecorded making transportation very difficult for organisations to import and export goods from and to the UK.

Though the organisations have had a little relief with the French authorities providing the Secure Zone for the UK bound Lorries, though there are still many migrants whom sneak onto the Lorries from as far as Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Spain. Making the Secure Zone pretty much useless of the Migrants are already on the trucks prior to them entering the Secure Zone. Furthermore the migrant numbers have increased dramatically with figures rising from 600 migrants in January to 5,000 at the moment (BBC).

Issues within the UK

Many organisations have started to take action by placing plastic seals on their trailers however what they forget is that fact that many migrants are aided by smugglers who carry knifes and hardware scissors, allowing them to cut the plastic seals open and provide entry for the migrants.

Moving onto issues within the UK, many organisations have found themselves losing thousands of pounds of stock missing from their trailers. This was due to many reasons highlighted in the recent article of TAPA EMEA.

In a recent article it was noted that the UK and the Netherlands had the highest amount of theft from trailers within Europe with many thefts having a loss of over €100,000. Below are some facts of Cargo Theft within the UK.

  • UK and Netherlands account for 67% of the 206 incidents within Europe in the first quarter.
  • UK recorded a 133% rise from the first quarter of 2014.
  • 18 Incidents of the 206 lost valuables worth more than €100,000
  • Only 30.5% of incidents reported loss value – 69.5% didn’t provide loss value.
  • The total for these thefts still exceeded €13,250,000.

These figures are a lot less then the incidents which actually took place as 69.5% of the organisations didn’t provide a loss value. This means the figures were a lot higher for the amount of thefts and the loss value.

Below is an image showing the Cargo Theft by the type of Incident (TAPA EMEA).

The chart above clearly shows that most of the incidents take place by the trailer being breached which means there weren’t enough security on the trailers to prevent the breach.

In 2013, a total of 1,145 cargo theft incidents were registered in the IIS, up from 689 incidents in 2012 (+66%).

The total loss value of all 1,145 recorded incidents cannot be determined since more than 70% (up from 50% in the previous year) of the theft reports received/ searched by the IIS had no loss value specified.


In order to combat this issue Mega Fortris would recommend the organisations to use High security seals such as the MCLP for trailers and the 2K Klicker or Bar Seal for Containers.

The MCLP – Mini Cable Lock Premium

This seal is compact and small enough for the trailer applications yet had very high strength allowing organisations to minimise the risk of a breach occurring. The Mini Cable Lock Premium 150mm is very user-friendly and highly tamper evident. This seal can be applied to secure various applications for a range of security requirements. The Mini Cable Lock Premium is widely used on trucks, tanker trucks, air cargo containers, shipping containers, rail cars, calibrators and valves.

For more information on the MCLP go to: Mini Cable Lock Premium


MCLZ – Mini Cable Lock Z

The introduction of Mega Fortris’ new MCLZ range of cable security seals is a major step towards improving the security of the global supply chain. The security value of this unique product is unmatched in the security seal industry, and will provide our many security-conscious clients with an effective means to upgrade their supply chain security. No other cable security seal offers equally high tamper evidence features, excellent protection against tamper attacks and a locking mechanism that is protected against picking.

For more information on the MCLZ go to: Cable Seal Z

If you have are having other Issues please do not hesitate to contact our experienced professionals whom have been working in the industry for many years and carry a vast knowledge in facing many transportation issues. May it be for Transport security or the general Load Securing. For more information please Visit our Website: Mega Fortris UK

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